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Globe Cooperation

Globe Cooperation

As a leader of the China medical disposable devices, Ande coverages global wisdom continuously launch safe, reliable and advanced products to benefit human health. We welcome and pay much attention to the strategic cooperation with professional distributors and manufacturers serving markets in China and overseas, including import main materials and components, register in NMPA and marketing as exclusive agent in China. 

National Oncology New Progress Symposium

Ande supplies health products to more than 60% hospitals and clinics in China mainland market.  More than 300 salesmen serve the marketing and distribution efficiently. Meantime our professional registration team are very familiar with the China NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) registration policy and regulations and have perfect communication.

National Pediatric Nursing Academic Conference

Besides, As the vice chairman unit of Medical Polymer Products Branch of the China Association of Medical Decive Industry, the member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Infusion Medical Devices, the member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Medical Injectors(Needles), and the member of Biomaterials, Biological Evaluation Branch of The China Biomaterials Society, Ande is very familiar with various laws and regulations and experienced in CFDA registration, which also helps the top brands easy to enter into China market

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in the future, Ande will work with more global brands and strength its distribution work in China domestic market. We are open to all brands who are willing to stand with Ande together to explore the potential China market and benefit mankind health.

National Intravenous Infusion Therapy Academic Conference



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