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Ande® PICC New Product Launch Conference

On September 25, 2020, Ande® PICC new product launch conference was successfully held in the Blue Ocean Hotel!

This conference was hosted by Manager Wang Hua of the Sales Department.

The main contents of the conference are as follows:

First of all, the general manager Ji Yuexiang delivered a speech. Mr. Ji gave a detailed explanation of the current epidemic and market policy on the medical industry's impact and countermeasures. 

Secondly, Manager Ma Lin gave a detailed explanation of the development history of PICC products, product materials, features and advantages, product configuration, etc., and at the same time summarized the company's development and overall solutions;

Finally, in response to the problems reported by the distributors, Manager Ma Lin answered the questions one by one on the spot, and sincerely invites friends from distributors to meet at the Shanghai Exhibition to discuss development plans!


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