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Ande In CMEF2020

CMEF2020, opening at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on October 19-22, total 220,000 square meters, 4000+ brand enterprises, 60 academic conferences and forums, 300+ industry experts, 1500+ new products released on site, cutting-edge technology is under your control.

The medical device industry, as a member of the pioneering team in the fight against the Covid-19, has made great contributions to the fight against the virus. As the first world-class medical device exhibition since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, it has attracted attention from inside and outside the industry!

As a leader in safe infusion, Ande Medical follows the general trend of smart medical care, constantly innovating in technology and bringing forth the new. This exhibition exhibited five series of products: medication administration, enteral feeding set, blood sample collection, modern wound care, and surgical drainage, which once again brought surprises to the participants!

The safety IV catheter, smart infusion sets, dressings, vaccine-specific syringes, disinfection cap and other products exhibited at this exhibition have played an important role in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in 2020 and have received extensive attention from the participants!

The new products include PICC, pre-filled catheter irrigator, arterial blood sample collector, viral transport medium kit, enteral feeding sets, receiving unanimous praise from the participants.


Pre-filled Catheter Irrigator

Viral Transport Medium Kit

Arterial Blood Sample Collector

Nasogastric Feeding Catheter

Enteral Feeding Set

Ande Medical will continue to actively implement the national strategy of Healthy China, adhering to the concept of providing an overall solution for safe infusion, continuous efforts and continuous innovation, to provide safe and high-quality products for the clinical frontline.

Looking forward to seeing you on 2021CMEF!


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