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Ande Devoted Into Fight With Covid-19

In the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden epidemic, a war without gunsmoke, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection spread in Wuhan and spread to the whole country. Prepare for battle! All parts of the country are fully mobilized to participate in this epidemic prevention and control battle that must be won.

Disposable medical consumables such as injection sets, infusion sets, blood sampling and testing sets produced by Anda are essential devices that must be used in the clinical treatment of pneumonia. After learning about the epidemic, we immediately mobilized the company's employees to go to work ahead of schedule, fully resume production, and rush to help Wuhan to help treat more pneumonia patients and contribute to the prevention and control of the national epidemic.

After learning that Huanggang City's corresponding medical supplies were insufficient, on the morning of February 1, Ande Medical donated to Huanggang Red Cross with medical supplies worth 1 million yuan, including Safety I.V. Catheter, smart infusion sets, and pump infusions. All of them are medical products necessary for medical treatment. Safety I.V. Catheter can greatly reduce the chance of medical staff being cross-infected, intelligent infusion devices can effectively reduce the labor intensity of medical staff, and infusion pumps matched with infusion pumps can more accurately treat patients. I hope that these safe, reliable, advanced, and intelligent medical products can bring convenience, warmth, and guardianship to the medical staff fighting on the front line!




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