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Nasointestinal Catheter


● New international standard interface can be provided to prevent 
misconnection and make the connection safer and more reliable.
Polyurethane material:
* The tube wall is thin, the tube body is soft, the patient feels less foreign body 
* during the intubation process, the comfort is high, the compliance is good, and 
* the success rate of one-time intubation is high.
* Good biocompatibility, resistance to gastric acid corrosion, long retention time.
* Indwelling in the body can be softened and protect the nasal mucosa.
* Small tube diameter reduces the risk of aspiration and lung infection.
* Does not contain PVC and DEHP.
● Guide wire: Good toughness, which not only guarantees the push performance, 
but also is not easy to discount.
● Front port: steel ball gravity function, high success rate of post-pyloric tube 
placement by doctors and nurses by the bedside with bare hands, side-cut
liquid outlet, large liquid output, effectively preventing liquid outlet from clogging


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